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Who We Are & What We Do

Coltec is a reference company when it comes to manufacturing and commercializing breathable, waterproof fabrics and knitted solutions for home‐textiles and technical clothing. We distinguish ourselves with over 40 years of experience in supplying textile lamination services, competitive in many applications and markets.

Our vision is to be on the forefront of the industry developing and manufacturing new and innovative laminates for a variety of specialized applications.

In our lamination processes, we are able to incorporate textile functionalization finishes to meet our customer's specific needs that include: thermal regulation, antibacterial protection, fire protection, water and oils repellent, mosquito protection, among others.

We provide services in the technical bondings area for several industries. Our main application fields include: Home textiles, Fashion and Footwear, Health Care, Sports, Protective Wear and Automotive.

What Defines us

Technology Driven


Over 40 Years of Experience


Ethical Commitment


Cutting Edge Technology


Creative Drive


Award Winning Company


What's New

New facilities

More Production Capacity

Our new and enhanced facilities allow us to increase our production capacity, ensuring the highest quality in products and services.

Product ID Laboratory

Advanced Research

We continue to grow and develop our expansive product line, producing innovative and technically advanced solutions for a variety of market segments and applications.

Technology Investment

New Machinery, New Possibilities

The investment in cutting-edge laminating and coating technologies allows us to develop innovative value‐added solutions for our clients.

Performance and Technical Expertise

Advanced Research

Coltec stands for innovation, creativity and high quality, three values that distinguish our work while also being the key to our success.

Ethical Commitment and Social Responsibility

Resources and Technologies Optimization

In order to reduce the harmful effects to the environment, we promote the continuous improvement of processes, practices and performance through efficient use and sustainable management of resources.