Meltfun Project

The MELTFUN project consisted in the research and development of functionalisation solutions of laminated structures through surface modification technologies.

This project, which took place between 01/07/2009 and 10/31/2011, allowed COLTEC to implement the Research, Development and Innovation Management System (IDI) in accordance with NP 4457; as well as to develop a line of laminated textile substrates having functional properties obtained by the spray coating technology.

This project was approved under the ID & T SI – individual project and was co-financed by the ERDF through COMPETE.

Techtextil Frankfurt 2013

Techtextil, the largest textile and non-woven textile fair in the world, registered a record edition, according to Paulo Neves, CEO of COLTEC, the company registered an increase in commercial contacts due to the increase in the offer of products and services.

From the products presented, a pajama with antibacterial treatment and moisturizing, thinking especially in the comfort of the people bedridden, and a thermoregulatory sheet, impermeable, breathable and resistant to the wrinkle, promises to be but one of the successful products launched by the company.

Of note is the presentation at this fair of the MELTCOAT project, which consists of the research and development of innovative solutions coated by polymer deposition in-situ through Hot-Melt Multi-Roll and High Pressure technologies.

This project was approved under the ID & T – individual project and is co – financed by the ERDF through COMPETE.

Meltfun at Techtextil 2011

A COLTEC esteve mais uma vez presente na Techtextil 2011, a maior feira mundial de têxteis técnicos e não-tecidos.

De salientar a apresentação nesta feira do projeto MELTFUN que consiste na investigação e desenvolvimento de soluções de funcionalização de estruturas laminadas através de tecnologias de modificação de superfície.

Este projeto foi aprovado no âmbito do SI ID&T – projeto individual e é cofinanciado pelo FEDER através do COMPETE.

Coltec at Premiere in China

The COLTEC will be the first time in Cinte Techtextil China 2010, to be held in Shanghai, which will present its most innovative products designed with latest techniques developed by European industry in this area.

In addition to its laminated and coated fabrics, COLTEC will present one of their latest innovation projects, the MELTFUN. “We are presenting an important project based on the research and development of functionalization solutions of laminated structures through surface modification technologies.” reveals Francis Fernandes, the R & D department of the company.

This project was approved under SI ID&T ‐ individual project and it is co‐funded by FEDER through COMPETE.